Recommendations: Shooting heavy objects in photo 360 format

Use shooting modes without stopping rotation

Any mode is suitable for shooting heavy objects, but we have new modes that will significantly speed up this process:

  1. Continuous shooting without stopping rotation. This mode uses the continuous shooting of the camera. The shutter button is held down while the table rotates until it rotates 360 degrees.
    This mode greatly speeds up the shooting speed. With some cameras, it can reach 110 frames in 10 seconds. This mode requires bright lighting. The number of frames per revolution will depend on the speed of the disk rotation and the continuous shooting speed of the camera. Please note that the camera's clipboard must hold the number of frames that you plan to take per 1 revolution. Also use high speed memory cards.
  2. Interval shooting without stopping rotation. Shooting takes place while the disc is rotating. Each frame is taken at regular intervals as the disc rotates. This mode greatly speeds up the shooting speed. This mode requires bright lighting. The number of frames per revolution is set in the FRAME parameter.
The modes are switched in the MODE parameter

Shooting speed control and calibration

The turntable parameter settings are unlimited, so that you can realize your any creative ideas.
The heavier the subject, the slower it must be rotated when shooting in time-lapse mode. The inertia of a heavy object greatly affects the dynamics of the shooting. Stick to the principle: harder = slower.
To shoot heavy subjects, perform calibration with the object mounted on the rotating dial.
The object development plans include the task of automating this process by installing additional sensors.

Load distribution

If a heavy object (from 70 kg) has a support of a small area, for example, thin metal legs. In this case, it is worth putting an additional disk to distribute the load. Chipboard, plywood, metal and similar materials can be used.


Keep the drive system and rotating disc clean.