Firmware v 7.5

Update date: 01/15/2022

Shooting settings


Press the button to enter the settings menu SETUP.


Use the up and down buttons to select the desired parameter to edit. The left and right buttons switch menu sections.


Select the desired parameter with the pointer and enter a new one using the numeric keypad.

Parameter value


The total number of frames per revolution in automatic shooting mode.


Set the exposure time to the same as in the camera. This is the waiting time before the start of the next turn of the platform.
The value is set in milliseconds.
For example, if the exposure in the camera is 1/100 in the control unit, you need to set it. DELAY = 10.


Pause before shooting.
The value is set in milliseconds.


Platform rotation speed. Affects the speed of calibration, infinite rotation.


Rotate to a given angle.
The parameter is specified in degrees.


Affects the calibration of the turntable. Specifies the total length of the rotation.
This parameter is used to fine-tune the calibration. For the turntable to rotate exactly 360 degrees in auto shooting mode.


Direction of rotation in auto shooting mode.
The value is changed with the buttons on the IR remote control: 1, 2.


Shutter hold time. Some cameras require a longer hold time to avoid dropping frames.
Also, this time should be increased when using a wireless IR imaging module. It can be external or built into the control unit.


shooting mode. While working in test mode. We are waiting for the next firmware version.

Exit the menu

To exit the menu, press the button SETUP.

Click the button to save the settings SET.

Start automatic shooting

Press the button to start or stop automatic photography OK.

  • for shooting photo-360
  • for 3D scanning by photogrammetry
  • for 360 degree Time Lapse shooting

Start continuous rotation

The left and right buttons start the endless rotation mode, in one direction or the other. To stop rotation, press the button OK.

  • for shooting video
  • for scanning objects with a handheld laser scanner
  • for exhibition purposes

Поворот на заданный угол 

After pressing this button, the turntable makes one turn by the angle that is set in the parameter degX.

By default it is 90 degrees.

  • for centering objects
  • for shooting stop motion animation

Button for shooting one frame

After pressing this button, the camera takes one picture.

  • for test shots when adjusting lighting or camera settings.
  • for Stop Motion shooting. Animation of the moving parts of an item to demonstrate its functionality.



Enter parameter editing mode by pressing the red button SETUP.

  • to set the circumference of the rotating disc. The accuracy of its rotation in automatic shooting mode depends on this parameter.


Click on the button to start the calibration process. Before that, for visual control of the angle of rotation, put some object on the edge of the disk.


Wait until the disk makes a turn exactly 360 degrees, then press the same button again.

After that, a number will be written to the STEPS parameter, which means the circumference of the rotating disk.

If, after calibration, the rotating dial rotates more or less than 360 degrees at the end of automatic shooting, edit the STEPS parameter manually. If the platform rotates less than 360 degrees, the STEPS parameter must be increased. If the platform rotates more than 360 degrees, the STEPS parameter must be reduced.

To shoot a heavy subject, perform calibration with the subject mounted on the rotating dial.

Control via Wi-Fi

Connecting to the control unit via Wi-Fi


  1. Open the web application in a mobile phone or laptop browser. Enter the address manually or scan the QR code below.
  2. Turn off mobile internet. Connect to the "PhotoPizza" hotspot. Password: 9992030360
    Or scan the QR code below.
  3. Return to the application and enter the IP address:
  4. Click the connect button.

Connecting the control unit to your Wi-Fi access point.

In this case, you can control the turntable using any computer or phone that is connected to this network.

  1. Enter your access point settings in the web application and click Save.
  2. Reboot the control unit.
  3. After loading the control unit, press the green button APP.

Scan the QR code
to open the web application on your phone.

Scan the QR code
to connect to WiFi turntable on your phone.