Recommendations: Shooting people in 360 photo format

Use shooting modes without stopping rotation

Such shooting requires maximum immobility from the model, but in the process of shooting a person still makes involuntary movements. When the shooting process lasts a very long time, the result will be twitchy. From frame to frame, a sharp change in posture will be noticeable. Even an experienced model is not able to stand on a turntable without unnecessary movements. Cannot shoot quickly in stop-motion shooting modes. To speed up shooting, additional shooting modes have been developed:

  1. Continuous shooting without stopping rotation. This mode uses the continuous shooting of the camera. The shutter button is held down while the table rotates until it rotates 360 degrees.
    This mode greatly speeds up the shooting speed. With some cameras, it can reach 110 frames in 10 seconds. This mode requires bright lighting. The number of frames per revolution will depend on the speed of the disk rotation and the continuous shooting speed of the camera. Please note that the camera's clipboard must hold the number of frames that you plan to take per 1 revolution. Also use high speed memory cards.
  2. Interval shooting without stopping rotation. Shooting takes place while the disc is rotating. Each frame is taken at regular intervals as the disc rotates. This mode greatly speeds up the shooting speed. This mode requires bright lighting. The number of frames per revolution is set in the FRAME parameter.
The modes are switched in the MODE parameter

Look straight ahead

To avoid eye twitching in the final animation, the models should look straight ahead during the shooting. During rotation, you should not stop your eyes on the camera or other static objects until you turn sideways or back.

Starting from the back

Usually the first and last frames are quite different from each other in the pose of the model, a sharp jump is obtained. To make it not very noticeable for the viewer, you should start shooting from the back. This should be done if the model is turned to face the viewer on the starting frame of the final animation.


The first step of the model on a rotating disk should be in its center. After that, you can stand in the desired position. In the process of lifting and descending from the turntable, it is advisable to support the model by the hand.