Project creation date: 2011

This is an open source turntable project based on the ARDUINO controller , and the new version uses ESPRUINO . You can assemble our device yourself or support the project by purchasing a turntable assembly. The speed of project development (updating firmware, drawings, creating convenient applications for management) depends on your activity. Help the project by subscribing on social networks, like or say thanks with DONATE .

Automatic shooting (synchronization with the camera)

The turntable automatically shoots according to the set parameters.
Synchronized with the camera via wire. We also have a wireless module for controlling the camera via the infrared port. (Wireless control is currently only supported for Sony cameras)

More about control...

Almost all DSLR and mirrorless cameras have a connector for connecting a wired remote control.
If you still have doubts about the support of your camera, contact the community and the author of the project on this page:


Suitable for Photo-360 shooting

There are all the necessary modes for shooting 360 photos. You can take pictures with rotation stops or do quick shooting without stopping.

Video mode

Can rotate without stopping, rotation speed is adjustable.

Has detailed settings for shooting parameters

You can choose the parameters for any type of studio lighting. In dim lighting, you can shoot with a slow shutter speed, and if there is enough light, you can use the high-speed shooting mode without stopping rotation.

Photogrammetry mode

The turntable rotates according to a special algorithm, which allows you to get high-quality overlap between the vertical tiers of circular shooting.

Suitable for using a handheld 3D scanner

3D scanning is performed in rotation mode without stopping.

Can work without connecting to a computer

A useful opportunity for filming on the client's premises.

360 Product Photography Hanging system

Some jewelry, women's bags, and similar items that do not hold their shape or cannot stand on a surface require a special rotating gimbal to shoot. There is also a suspension system model with a high load capacity that can support the weight of the bike.

It is possible to synchronize the rotation of the turntable and the hanging system.

Large load capacity

There are models of rotating platforms that can withstand objects weighing up to 200 kg.

You can learn more about shooting heavy objects HERE.

Precise rotation for MACRO shooting

There is a turntable model in which a stepper motor with a reduction gear is installed. It provides very precise and smooth rotation of small objects. The turntable does not vibrate during rotation.

Use for exhibition purposes

The turntable can be used to display goods at the exhibition and shop window.

Also, the turntable can work in parallel with programs:

  • EOS Utility for Canon
  • Imaging Edge Desktop for Sony
  • Camera Control Pro 2 for Nikon
  • digiCamControl supports many cameras
Programs allow you to see the object being photographed on the computer screen in real time and adjust the shooting parameters. During shooting, photos can be automatically saved to your computer.
Check compatibility with your camera model on the application website.


For all new versions of rotary tables, control is available through a special WEB-application. This is an alternative control method, it works in parallel with the IR remote control.

WEB-application works in any modern browser and can be used on mobile and stationary devices with Windows, Linux, Android, macOS


The page lists the parameters with an explanation of their meaning.


We are currently updating the site, but you can already find a lot of useful information.
Download and update the firmware, look at the new functions of the turntable.